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21 Stunning Road Bikes That Will Make You Feel Good in Late 2020

Bicycles that are more suitable for use on paved roads are known as road bikes. But, a wide variety of road bikes are available.

So, what is the best road bike?

Road bikes used on long or short distance roads can have various features. Firstly, the materials of these bikes determine the quality and service life of the bike. Moreover, it enables to use over long distances. You can even travel around the world by your bike. So, road bikes used for long distances also need to be comfortable.

The precision, agility and speed of road bikes can also vary according to the brands and models of the bikes.

You have to choose the bike you need first and then decide where to use it if you decided that you need a road bike.

I have compiled 21 great road bikes that will make you feel the comfort at the highest level. 

While preparing this list, I tried to bring together my own ideas and technical features. Of course, there may be better models. I will be glad if you share your views.

By the way I didn’t seperate any of them as the best road bikes for men or women.

Now, you can get ideas so that you can choose the most suitable road bike for you.

1. Feeling the stamina

Ribble cycles‘ Endurance SL model looks like it will not let you down with its durable and strong structure.

2. Lovely Burnt Orange

The nice design and “burnt orange” color of Baum Cycles‘ GTR model can make you dizzy.

3. Race winner

With Bianchi’s performance-oriented Oltre XR4, you can overcome tough races.

4. The name of lightness

Canyon’s Ultimate CFR is a model that brings lightness to the top with its most important parts made of carbon.

5. The Talented Mr. Hogback

Hogback, a bike with many talents, is more of a gravel model, but it is also very suitable for paved roads.

6. Light and fast

Trek Madone SLR, a very light and durable racing bike, is really eye-catching. So, while you get a good performance, you can also be cool on it.

7. Aerodynamic frameset

Giant‘s total compact road frameset material offers superior aerodynamic properties. It can be a great option for racing enthusiasts.

8. The taste of classic

If you love and miss classic models, Fuji Feather bikes are definitely for you. It has steel frame and promise you the comfort and lightness.

9. Nice green

Green has never looked so good. Nice looking frameset makes you feel good. Breezer Doppler Pro frame features a semi-compact geometry that offers a more classic road bike look

10. Elegance and Durability

This beautiful bike comes to your life with its elegance. It also captures the hearts with its durability on various roads.

11. Exceptional components

Axino contain 5 different component groups that offer you the best performance. This beauty is fast, lightweight and an exceptional handling machine according to Blue.

12. Beautiful Mirrored Bike

Gold, blue or red. Choose your color and enjoy your Carrera with the limited AR-01.

13. Race machine

Are you ready for your greatest race ever? Then be ready for the greatest fly ever with SuperSix Evo.

14. Pro Rider’s choice

Cervelo’s R5 has all specifications what pro riders need. Because, it’s stiffer and has more aero.

15. World Class Endurance

Ribble’s Endurance SL R has stunning aerodynamics and gives the highest level endurance to its rider.

16. Go beyond your dream

Bianchi InfinitoCV Disc features highest performing SRAM Red eTap AXS and it’s a sophisticated road bike. You can rely on it for a long ride.

17. More aerodynamics

Canyon Aeroad has many features like Shimano’s electronic Ultegra Di2, hydraulic disc brakes and ARC 1400 Dicut carbon wheels. It has also award winning design.

18. Clean and Powerful

Blue’s Prosecco Ex has a carbon frame and it stands out with Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting. Clean design also impresses you at first sight beside powerful technical specs.

19. Red, Light and Fast

If you want a bike that is light, strong and fast, Émonda may be the one you are looking for. It can offer you greatest satisfaction with minimal effort. Émonda helps the rider go faster than ever with the aerodynamics tube shaping.

20. Confident ride with the greatest comfort

The Contend SL offers you a comfortable ride with greatest confidence thanks to its balanced geometric design. D-Fuse composite seatpost provides a nice and smooth ride.

21. Performance and standout style

Zig Zag has everything you need for a durable and comfortable ride in all weather conditions. It also promises you a great performance beside its delightful design.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to choosing a road bike. However, if we know what we need, the choice can be easier.

Is it design, durability, lightness or performance we are looking for? Maybe it’s a combination of all these.

So, do you use a road bike? If so, what is your preference?

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