I’m learning day by day how to ride for a challenge and what should I do next time. When I was cycling since I’ve started my 5 miles a day challenge, I wasn’t listening music, I was just focusing to ride on. I don’t know why, I think I believed that if I focus to cycle I can success it better, but of course it’s a bullshit. Yes I have a goal but I have to enjoy it also.

Today I made the distance more than the other days and before I went outside with my bicycle I got my earphones for listening music. Thanks to music it was not boring to get about 10 miles. So, I decided to make a song list for cycling. I’m not going to cycle without music from now on.

Rock’n Roll children!

The list below could be slower but I guess I need to be on fire while I’m pedalling. Especially for this challenge goal. Including mostly rock’n roll songs, the list could be disturbing for those who doesn’t like these kind of songs. But give it a try, it’s motivating.

This song list contains 20 songs and total time of it is 1 h 19 min. Normally I made the 5 miles in about 35 minutes. So, it’s enough time to listen it I think. There are many old songs here but I think I’m an old school. I’m sorry.

If you have any playlist that you listen during you cycling activity please share.


  1. I don’t every listen to music while cycling, unless I’m firmly planted on my trainer. I don’t have a desire to be flattened by a car or I’d rather not hurt someone else on a trail.

    Typically speaking, I know the people I want to stay away from and who know about riding a bike but nothing about cycling are the people with ear buds sticking out of their head.

    The ONLY acceptable option is one ear bud in the non-traffic ear. Right ear for the USA, left in the UK. Even then, I tend to steer well clear of them.

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