Sometimes I’m asking to myself  “What did I do for the world up to now?”. I don’t know whether we should do something or not. It depends on personality, I respect, but I feel that I should do something beneficial. Maybe I did several small favours for many people but I mostly thinking to do something special.

[su_quote]Every child deserves to have a bike, but, unfortunately, not every child has the opportunity to receive one.[/su_quote]

I haven’t done, yet, but there is a teacher who made a kind of special thing for the children. Katie Blomquist, the first grade teacher realized in her school that there are many low-income student and decide to make them happy providing them bicycles. She has started a campaign called “Every kid deserves a bike!” and she raised about $80,000. With this money she afforded bikes, helmets and locks for 650 students of her school.

katie blomquist provides bikes to the kids

She hadn’t enough money to afford 650 bikes to these kids but she had feelings, intelligence and faith to make it realize. She made what I look for in my life , she made something special. She’s my Champion!

Katie Blomquist has a follow-up campaign now to provide low-income students, swim lessons, summer camps and more beside giving them bikes.

If you want to contribute you can do it from this link.


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