The 3rd week of the challenge has finished and I’m happy that I could do much more distance every week. This week I specified 7 miles distance in my mind. I tried to do at least 7 miles everyday. Shortly, this week was better even though the weather was mostly cloudy, rainy, windy and cold. So, the 3rd weekly report is below.


Surpassing 7 miles was the goal

I did 52,45 miles in total which was 47,87 miles last week. It is 7,4 miles/day on average. My average distance was 6,84 miles/day last week. It should have been at least 1 mile over than last week, but I couldn’t do it. Nevertheless, it can be said that it is better. Minimum distance was 5,24 miles where the maximum was 9,23 miles. Maximum distance is very good in my opinion, which was 8,43 miles last week. I wonder if will be able to pass over 10 miles in the 4th week .


Except one day, I did over 7 miles everyday. On April, 22nd I could do 5,24 miles. It is better than last week but if I think about this week’s performance it was terrible. Terrible but it was enjoyable. Because the rain the performance was poor but the activity was enjoyable under the rain.


My average pace was 06:34 this week which was 05:57 last week. Minimum was 05:49 where the maximum was 08:05. Let me talk about calories. Average calories that I burned this week was 235. I burned 1645 calories in total. Minimum calories were 169 where the maximum calories were 285.


While the last week’s weather was hot, this week mostly cold(ish). The weather effects my performance normally, but I‘m happy to pass over the distance comparing last week’s performance. The next week I’m gonna try to pass over 8 miles everyday. I hope the next week I can make it better again. We’ll see.

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