I’m happy to finish the 2nd week of my challenge. This weeks performance was slightly better in my opinion because it’s getting easier to pedal. Nevertheless, sometimes I didn’t want to go out to cycle and I pushed myself again. The weather was hotter in comparison with last week. The hot days were also more difficult than the others.

Total and average distances-week-02I was thinking to pass over the 6 miles at the beginning of the week. I specified the 5 miles just as must-have goal, I wanted to do more miles than 6. So, except one day I did over 6 miles during the week. On April 11th, I did 5,17 miles and this was the minimum distance that I covered this week. I passed over 8 miles twice and once over 7 miles. The other days it was about 6 miles. I think I can go on to close to my 10 miles/day dream. Step by step!


Better average distance

I did 47,87 miles this week in total. It is lower than last week but it wasn’t a week, it was for 10 days. So, it’s normal. It could be much more but sometimes it can really be hard to pedal everyday. My average distance was 6,84 miles/day and which was over my 6 miles goal on my mind. When I thought about last first 10 days it’s better than it because it was 6,44 miles/day. In 7 days doing 6,84 miles is really motivating for me.


My average pace was 5:57. Minimum pace was 5:45 and maximum was 6:13. Total calories burned in the 2nd week was 1521. I burned 217,3 cal/day which is better than last week. It was 202,4 cal/day last week. Minimum calorie burned was 164 and maximum was 266. I burned the maximum calorie in first day which I did 8,43 miles. It’s normal.


As a result, it was a hot week in general, but even sometimes it was hard to pedal it was better and easier than last week. This week I didn’t realize when I did 5 miles mostly. It was so easy to do. I hope the next week I can pass over 7 miles everyday. It will be the goal on my mind.

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