10 days ago I’ve started a 5 miles a day challenge. Accordingly, I decided to try cycling at least 5 miles a day. I don’t know how long this is gonna be, I didn’t decide, yet. But as long as I do I want to review my challenge as a weekly report.

This was the first week of this activity, -actually it is not week, it took 10 day-  I waited for the end of the 10th day because I’ve started on Thursday and I combined the first three days with the week. Next week will be the seven days.

Starting from the first day it became exhausting sometimes. On some days, the weather was obstructing to pedal.  On windy days I made an extra effort as it is expected. Generally it is not easy to cycle everyday, but I realized that it doesn’t only depends on how strong you are, your mood should be proper to cycle. Because particularly in overcast weather your mood cannot be enough to make the challenge. But you should force yourself. So, I made it even if it is hard.

total distanceEveryday I passed over the 5 miles threshold and felt that I can do it without extraordinary exertion. One of these 10 days I cycled about 10 miles. On April 2nd, I couldn’t ride because of something, but on the next day I compensated it cycling about 10 miles. This showed me that I can make even 10 miles a day if I try a little bit more, but I have time for this. It will be tough for everyday challenge, for now.

Totally I rode on the bike 64,39 miles in these 10 days. It is a quite success for me because it is 6,44 miles a day. It is about 1,5 miles over the challenge. Minimum distance of the week is 5,56 miles and maximum is 10,63 miles which was mentioned above.

First week distance

Cycling time was variable because I didn’t specify a time range. If I try to make the distance goal in specific time it can be boring because I also want to have fun, see the new places etc. It is more enjoyable. So the time is changing between 33 minutes and 1 hour and 02 minutes.

Average calories I burned is 202,4 cal/day, but I don’t think it’s reliable cause it is just a prediction depending on my age and weight. But, I can guess calories I burned more or less by looking that.

What I learned 

First of all, it makes you think clearly like walking. I had many ideas while I’m cycling. I’m serious. Give it a try, you’ll see. Listening to music is also nice, it can be motivating, but you should be careful in traffic. One of my friend warned me after my post about cycling song list and he’s right. Please be more careful.

After I started this activity I cycled into many side streets which I didn’t see before. I discovered new places even in my neighbourhood. Because you’re cycling into the streets where you didn’t walk into before so that it’s far away. So, it was very nice to discover new places.

So, my first 10 days was quite enjoyable beside being hard sometimes. But it feels good to focus at this kind of activity. From tomorrow I’m gonna try to increase my goal ( it is still 5 miles at least, but I want to see how much I can pass over it) and see my performance.

Thank you for reading.


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