Finally I’ve finished the 5 miles a day challenge. It went beyond 5 miles a day and it made me happy in general. I thought that I should finish the challenge at the end of the 4th week cause I was afraid to be bored cycling. Being in a challenge could be hard and If I didn’t want to give up cycling for the next days. So, I’ve decided to finish at the right time for me.

So the last week has started over 8 miles and continued again over 8 miles in the day after. The 3rd day was Total distancesawesome cause I could do over 10 miles. In the two days before the last day my performance was very poor. I thought that it could be the hot weather and the exhaustion of last days. I was in a nice town last 4 days of the challenge, I enjoyed but these poor performance was unlikable.

The last day was the record day

The last day was the record day in my challenge. I did 11,34 miles, it was very hard, but I think I could push myself within the feeling of the last day power. I’ve finished at the top! 🙂


I did 60,83 miles in total whereas I did 52,45 miles last week. Total miles I did have been progressed each passing week. Minimum and maximum distances I covered also progressed comparing the last week. In particular maximum distance was impressive and important for me.

My average pace for the week was 08:46. In the poor performance days the average paces were also seem poor. It was 11:49 and 11:52 in those days whereas in the record day it was 07:53. If I keep the last day apart, these two days really show me the sign of the exhaustion.


Average calories I burned was 276,5 which was 235 last week. I burned maximum 350 calories while setting the record in the last day. Minimum calories I burned was in those poor performance days as it is expected, but I burned 1936 calories in total.


As as result, I’m so happy finishing this “small” challenge. It was important to me. I learned many things from this challenge and I hope I could make a good start for my future cycling activities.



  1. Wow, congratulations! That’s a huge increase in weekly mileage, so no shame in feeling tired. And the pace on the record day was outstanding.

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