Even I’m interested in cycling I didn’t hear before that my city is the part of European Cycling Challenge 2017 this year. Ironic.

I live in İzmir which is one of the most beautiful and (wants to) bike lover city in Turkey. City government tries to do something nice about cycling day by day. Like bike ways (even they’re short, but important anyway), rental points and being in the events about cycling etc. Accordingly, city has taken the part in the European Cycling Challenge.

City of Izmir

European Cycling Challenge is the biggest urban cyclists’ team competition as they mentioned. Every year between 1 and 31st of May the competition takes place and every bike lover can join the competition without any permission or applying somewhere etc.

You should record your route

Biker who joins the competition should record distances he/she covered via Naviki app. After choosing your city and joining the competition within the app it records your distances and adds it to your city.  You can also use the website by uploading your distances manually. Thus it will be possible to challenge other European cities. You can read the east rules from here.

European Cycling Challenge Leaderboard

Today I’ve joined the competition and it seems funny. I did the miles for my cities power! İzmir is the 2nd city in the leaderboard until now. Gdańsk is the leader city as our rival. I hope we can win the challenge and I can contribute.

* Izmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi means Izmir Metropolitan Area


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