Challenge: Day #27

10,26 miles

Today was the best day of the week up to now. I was trying to cycle for 10 miles recently. Finally I did it today. The funny part is that it was not difficult, but first I cycled about 4.5 miles and then I met with my friend to drink coffee. Then I cycled remaining distance (about 6 miles). Any way at all I did 10,26 miles today.




  1. Nice, Dino! Keep it up! And just wait till you get that speed up to 14 mph, when you can get 14 miles done in an hour… You’re doing great, man. Keep pedaling.

    • Thanks for the advice. I’m gonna try this, but I have time I guess 🙂

      • Yes you do. More important than speed is enjoyment. Enjoy the ride first.

        The only reason I push speed so much is that speed burns fat. You burn 100-200 calories an hour while you ride (according to your app). I burn 1,000. Luckily, the speed is what makes me smile.

        • I learned with this challenge that it pushes you to do it everyday, but while sometimes it is enjoyable if you don’t feel to cyle, it becomes tedious. In general I can say that I enjoyed that, but I prefer to cycle whenever I want. Then I can enjoy always. After the challenge I’m gonna cycle just for enjoy and I believe that I will be able to do more miles and so burn momre calories:)

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