Challenge: Day #07

5,56 miles

Normally I’m cycling  towards evening but today I changed my time to cycle and made it in the early morning. I think it was better. I reached 5,56 miles today and a clear weather was waiting me outside in the morning. I felt better when I was cycling in the morning cause I didn’t feel tired so much, as it is expected. I mean I could cycle more but I had some work to do.


  1. Hi Dino, very interesting to read about your bike riding experience & challenges, can you let us know where you are, what town & country? My husband took up bike riding 6 years ago & I think he would enjoy reading your bike blog as well. Tracey 😊(from Melbourne, Australia)

    • Hi Tracey, thanks for your comment. I live in Izmir, Turkey and your husband can be my guest anytime. Send my greetings to him 🙂

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