Recently I’m trying to regulate my cycling routine. Accordingly, I’ve started a challenge by myself. I thought that if I can add some other daily routine alongside cycling, it would be an extra motivation to me.

So, I’m also doing sit-up, push-up, walking and running. While I’m doing my daily routines I’m following my development via a couple of apps.

There is a kind of person in the life who lives regularly, you know that person, erhh, I’m not him/her! I need a dose of motivation to move, actually If I had, I can lose my motivation easily. Therefore, I decided to use mobile apps because they push me to do these excercises. I like it so that it’s fun and following the changes lifts you up.

Most mobile apps I use belong to Runtastic family. Runtastic Pro app is the base app. You can monitor many activity from crossfit to yoga and from cycling to ice skating. You get tons of choice.

I use that for cycling and running. It measures your distance, average speed, maximum speed, elevation gain and even maximum and average heart rates, but you should buy runtastic heart rate gear for that.

Some people like listening music while in a work out. This app can reach your itunes catalog and you can listen your motivation song inside the app. You can also follow your statistics as monthly, weekly or yearly.

Sit-up, Push-up and don’t give up the fight!

I said that I do another work out activities. For this purpose I got SitUps, PushUps, PullUps and Squats apps from Runtastic.

These all are work the same way. Using your phone’s motion sensors, undertand your moves and count them. Prepares you step by step to the another level and you can set records.

Speaking for myself, when I try to sit-up, I always want to do it fast and much. I don’t know why. But the next day and even following several days I can’t do any exercises so that I have muscle pain. Eventually, I give up. I mean these apps assist you simply.

Beside the exercises I mentioned above, I’m walking a few thousand steps in a day. Normally Runtastic is a good choice for monitoring your walking statistics, but you should run the app and push the start button.

Walking is our base activity. It becomes tiresome after a while to run the app and finish it after the end of your walk. Moves app is a nice choice for walking in my opinnion. Monitoring your running and cycling activities are also measured by the app, but I just follow my steps via the app.

It is automatically starts and stops and counts your steps very simply even in the house!

Motivation is all we need

All aside, my actual motivation app is Streaks. It is a kind of todo app, but it gives you daily tasks to do. You pick the tasks you want. As you add from the prepared list, you can also add a custom task you like. When you finished the task you mark it and done. Peaceful!

These are my must have apps recently. If you want to add any other apps you use please tell me in the comment below.

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