Last year I’ve decided to buy a bicycle to go to my work by it so that I was bored to put up with traffic. It is super comfortable to go elsewhere with the car, I know, but in a traffic jam it can be terrible mostly even if you’re using the public transportation.

I thought that if I have a bicycle I can make bicycle commuting. However I had a problem; My apartment is on the 4th floor and on top of that its stairs are prominently narrow. Our lift is also too small to carry a bicycle.

So, it would be hard to carry the bike twice a day in this apartment somehow. Then I started to think about folding bike. It is cute, portable, in small size…, but what about performance?

When I was searching I saw the beauty of folding bikes. Yeah I knew them before but I didn’t believe that they can serve my purpose. Prejudice!

Easy to use in your daily life

I saw that folding bikes are very comfortable to use in the daily life particularly when commuting. I don’t tell that you can ride on it when you’re going to the picnic up the hill or travelling from one city to another.

First of all, I got rid of traffic jam cause I can specify my own route. I can also ride on it on the sidewalk if there is no bike way (we have mostly not have in my city, yet). Then if I don’t plan to ride on it I can still use public transportation with my portable bike.

Most city’s transportation systems support to carry bicycles at least. There are a special places in subway trains for bikes in general. It is the same for the bus. If I got tired I can go back home by public transportation with my bike nearby.

Moreover when I’m travelling by my car I can put it in my car’s trunk and go on enjoying it wherever I go. Beside all, I can carry it easily to my apartment on the 4th floor twice a day within our small lift. It is about 13 kg.

Having a folding bike is very special. It is easy to use and has nice performance (for the daily use in the city) and all aside it is beautiful. It made my life easier than before.

There are many things you should know before having a best folding bike like size, speed, folding mechanism, portability etc. I’m gonna write another post about it in detail.

So, I suggest you to have a bike that you can fold it if you’re looking for a small but effective one. It is also for people who thinks about to ride on it freely for bicycle commuting like me.

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