I remember when I had my first bicycle. It was in 1989 when I’m 9 years old. I wasn’t able to ride a bicycle yet. But I was eager to learn it. Because there were many kids to have bicycles and they can ride on.

My father was the only person who works in our family and the days could be tough sometimes related to money. So, buying a bicycle to me was a little bit difficult.

Having my first bike

Thanks to my father, he bought me a bicycle even if it was hard to pay for it. We were living in a small town and there wasn’t any bike shop to buy it in those days. So, we should have gone to the city to buy it.

I remember the day we went to buy my first bicycle. I couldn’t forget it. It was one of the most excited days in my life.

We went to a big city to buy it with my mom and I had my first bicycle there. It was a blue BMX. When we were in the return path I was afraiding to lose it and I was keeping to look back to the car trunk.

The story of my first bicycle
The story of my first bicycle

BMX bikes was very popular those days. There were many competitions for freestylers riding BMXs. It was very popular. Now, it’s continuing, but I guess not very popular like old days.

In later times I can say that I didn’t get off the bike. Whenever I go somewhere I was going by my blue BMX. I couldn’t leave it even in a minute. It was kinda like adherent to me. Over the years, I slowly moved away from it.

It was becoming old and other bicycles was becoming to thrill me. But, later I realized that I didn’t forget my blue BMX anytime.

I had several bicycles over the years but my first bicycle was different. Because I had it difficultly and dreamed about it too much. Now it is probably more easy to have a bike and there are many bicycles in variety, but when I buy one, I can’t get the same taste like in my childhood.

I wish I had a photo of it, but taking photos was not easy as today in those days.

BMXs are not as popular as in 80s, but maybe one day I can buy one to live my memories.

What do you think? Do you remember your first bike?


  1. I do remember my first bike. My parents couldn’t afford much either, there were too many of us. But oh when I went to change my clothes after school and found it hidden in my closet to surprise me….I was over the moon happy. Dark blue, white seat. Perfect.

  2. Great story! My first bike, was not only mine – I had to share it with my two older sisters and my younger brother. It was a second hand Pegas foldable (a Romanian bike). I remember the emotion watching my dad repairing it (as it was not in a very good condition), and then my dad teaching me how to ride it. It was fun to see all the kids in our neighborhood queuing for a ride. It’s one of my nicest memories and the best lesson I received in my life regarding sharing. 🙂

    • I guess we all have touching stories about ou first bikes. I believe to have a bicycle and learn to ride it is one of the milestones in our lives.

      And lucky you, you met a foldable bike in your childhood, I met last year, I have one now 🙂

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