As many of you know that obesity is one of the most popular problem in our era. Both malnutrition and unhealthy living conditions can cause obesity.  A big part of the world particularly developed countries struggle with this problem. USA is one of these countries, which suffers from this issue.

According to statistics adult obesity rates exceed above 20% in all states in the United States. Once you became obese it becomes difficult to lose weight.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) statistics in European countries, obesity doubled since 1980 in worldwide. Children are under the risk of obesity and 13% of 18 year old adults are obese in these countries.

Authorities tell that the obesity is preventable but we should do learn how to lose weight. Healthy life is absolute rule! But how?

Biking can help you to be more active

80% of American are inactive. Changing this huge ratio can change our life. We can simply be active by walking, running and biking. Especially biking is both enjoyable and healthy activity for most of us.

Think about it; you can lose weight by bicycle commuting everyday beside healthy diet of course. Yes, you should have a motivation to lose some weight but believe me whenever you ride on a bicycle it will be still good for you health.

We can also encourage our kids to have cycling habit because 16% of high school students are overweight. Giving them these kind of habits could provide them a healthy future.

So, we can make plans for cycling everyday. But we should do it regularly. There are many success stories about losing weight by biking. Just cycling a few miles a day can help us to lose weight and to be more healthy.

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