We all know that female cyclers are less than males in number. According to some datas women pedals one third as much as men do for the U.S. In European countries it’s a bit more, like %49 in Germany and %55 in Netherlands.

Beside these exceptions women could be averse to do it. It’s an option. But there must be reasons why they don’t want to cycle as much as men do

Most women beware of sexual assaults in the streets. This is already a general issue about women but due to the bicycle’s nature they probably feel more open to danger about sexual assaults. Particularly cycling at night could be more difficult for women.

Nice girl carrying her bike

Security is another problem for women. They are well-controlled by nature in comparison with men. They need security much more and because of the bicycle’s open structure it can make feel unsafe.

Fashion is important

One of the drawbacks is about fashion. Yes, we as men, love fashion but never as much as women. I guess bicycle commuting can be most difficult cycling activity for women. Because dressing up smartly, and pedalling with her skirt to the work could be tough for her.

And most bicycles are not suitable for those who wears skirt (or mini skirt). But there is an organization called SkirtBike encouraging females to cycle more in Bucharest, Romania.

img: http://skirtbike.ro/blogg/

Not cycling could be some women’s choice, but cycling should be encouraged for those women who wants to cycle but can’t due to the negative conditions. In some cultures it can be outlier to cycle for females.

A beautiful woman with her blue bike

We should firstly provide the good conditions. Men should be more kind and encourage them to cycle more.

It is possible for women to cycle more in the near future, I already see more day by day and as an aside, they look pretty better than men on the bike 😉

What do you think about female cyclers and their problems?


  1. mumsthewordblog1 Reply

    Nice post Dino, every day there a more & more females taking up bicycle riding here in Australia. The road bikes & mountains bikes they buy are quite costly, as well as the bike gear & lycra outfits that they like to wear. Riders are often seen in large groups sitting outside cafes having a well earned coffee after completing an arduous but enjoyable ride. 🙂

    • Thank you. It is pleasing to hear there are more female cyclers day by day. Unfortunately biking accessories are quite expensive. This can cause people to give up cycling.

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