If you somehow came to this article, you asked yourself that question like many people. “I love cycling. It feels so good to me. But why? Why cycling makes us feel so good?”

Perhaps you haven’t met anybody around you who doesn’t like cycling. Surely, I am not talking about those who have never experienced it. They might not have any idea about it. Our topic concerns bicycle lovers.

So, why does it feel good to ride a bike?

The reasons such as the increase in human population and urbanization and the fact that most people started to live in cities created many problems. Tall buildings began to increase around us. Narrow streets are filled with cars.

Although technological development made our lives easier, it changed our daily life routines. Together with it, our health problems such as obesity, various posture disorders, cardiovascular disorders caused by inactivity started to occur.

Unfortunately, to prevent this, we are stuck in gyms and trying to do sports there.

Thankfully, the number of bicycle use has begun to increase in many countries in recent years as resistance against these negativities. The number of cycling-friendly cities such as Amsterdam is increasing day by day.

There are many benefits to cycling. We can talk about why cycling makes us feel good under three main heading;

1. Positive effects on health

Cycling is a healthy activity. As I mentioned above, it can be regarded as resistance against modern life that immobilizes us.

Physical activity

If you are an office worker, you will engage in physical activity while cycling to work. Of course, if you have the chance to go by bike. It is not like to exercise regularly.

However, it is still more active than going to your business by car or public transport. Your muscles work non-stop while pedaling. Especially if you are working in an office, it is ideal for you.

Cycling can be risky due to the presence of motor vehicles around you. Besides, bicycle accidents involve various risks. It is true. However, compared to public transport and car use, it turns out that it has more health benefits.

David Rojas-Rueda et al’s study on the bike-sharing initiative called Bicing in Barcelona reveals that cycling instead of public transport has more benefits than health risks and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Besides, those who have the chance to ride a bicycle during the Corona pandemic may also be happy.

It reduces stress

Just like other physical activities, cycling has a stress-relieving effect. 44% of those who commute to and from work by bicycle stated that they have little or no stress.

In reason, cycling is perceived as a positive activity and can have a stress-reducing effect on many people.

Prevention of diabetes and obesity

So, is it good to bike ride every day?

If possible, yes!

Active cycling every day can prevent diabetes. Hence, being physically active because you use the bicycle regularly -and paying attention to your diet- also protect you against obesity.

Healthy people are happy. Therefore, being healthy and being aware that cycling is a healthy activity makes us feel good.

2. Economic effects

Cycling is an inexpensive activity even with certain expenses. It’s free to use after spending some money on the bike, it’s accessories, and clothes.

There is a lot of difference between buying a car and buying a bicycle. The car causes you to spend money all the time. But the bike doesn’t do that. In addition, there is a significant cost difference between the maintenance costs of both.

Using public transport is perhaps cheaper than using your car, but the bike is both healthy and free.

Saving economically makes everyone happy. It is not good for you to buy a paid one while there is a free one. That’s why riding a bike feels good.
Bicycle makes you more social
3 Main Reasons Why Cycling Makes Us Feel So Good

3. Positive effects on socialization

You can create a new environment for yourself by joining various social cycling groups. Thanks to these communities, you can discover new places and be surprised to see how much you have improved yourself through collective activities.

The environments in which they act with a common interest give people confidence. As you know, it is difficult for many people to socialize outside of the Internet. Such social environments may be ideal for those people.

Being social is basic human behavior. So, getting to know new people and exploring new places makes you feel good.

As a result;

First, cycling is a healthy activity. It reduces stress, protects you against many diseases.

The use of motor vehicles as little as possible also reduces environmental pollution by lowering carbon emission rates.

Interestingly, the excess of motor vehicles and their pollution of the environment affect those who are currently actively using bicycles in terms of health. It can be prevented by increasing the number of cyclists.

With very small expenses, you can own a bike and get happiness very cheap. You can also expand your social life and discover new worlds.

All these titles create positive effects on people. Being healthy, good economic situation, and socializing. Cycling can provide all of these for you.

That’s why cycling makes us feel good.

Do you have any additional reasons? Feel free to comment below.

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