When you live in a city, particularly in the big one, you’re confronted by a lot of problems. No wonder, there are advantages of living in the cities, but because our ancestries didn’t live in a city, we always look for natural and wide areas instinctively. We need to feel more free in safe places and if you’re a cyclist you always need safe bike ways to cycle mind at peace.

I think there is a problem of providing safety and modern bike ways to the cyclists even in developed countries. I mean several developed countries may have projects to construct bike ways, but it should have been done years before in my opinion. Certainly, it’s never late.

The heaven of bikes: Amsterdam

As we all know Amsterdam is maybe the perfect example for the life with bicycles. You can see a lot of people riding their bicycle to go somewhere on the safe bike ways. These ways encircle almost all around the city and this city serves as a model.

Amsterdam Bike Map
image: bikemap http://bit.ly/2osS4el

Several countries have bike way projects as I said and they are trying to integrate the bicycles to the daily life. Because everybody understood the positive impact of cycling in their daily lives and people want to cycle more than before. It might be indispensable to have bike ways for the big cities in the near future.

There are many things to write about this  issue. I’m gonna write about bike ways and projects some time.


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