I’m mostly riding on my bike for commuting, but I’ve decided to make this activity much more fun.

Even though bicycle commuting is very enjoyable it becomes a routine day by day. Because when you’re riding your bike while on the road to your work for instance, you can also compete with traffic if you live in a crowded city. So, after a couple of weeks you lose your pleasure of biking. I mean your awareness about biking becomes less in time. I want to be aware of biking when I’m riding on it. I like it.

I’m trying to bike for fun beside commuting. I can do it after work sometimes when I’m not tired so much. But I wanna do it regularly. So, I’ve decided to bike everyday and I’ll make a challenge by myself. It will be my bike challenge 2017.

I set up some rules;

  • Start with (at least) 5 miles (~ 8 km) a day.
  • Every week enhance the distance that is covered
  • Record it via an app like Runtastic etc.
  • And share the process weekly here on the blog

In case some negative situations like being unusual tiredness or any other things, I specify the starting distance as 5 miles. I hope recording the distances that I covered will encourage me for more. Plus, sharing it here will give me an extra motivation.

I’m gonna start tomorrow for this challenge and I have 4 days to the end of the week. So, the first week rules be valid for the next 4 days and the next week.

Let’s start then!


  1. Good luck with the challenge Dino. I hope you have a lot of enjoyment with it. Shall look forward to reading how it goes 🙂

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