Once you have it you’ll be responsible with your bicycle’s care. You should make it regularly beside protecting it against many negative effects. When you’re making bike maintenance you can make some works by yourself but you should leave complex things to your bicycle mechanic if you are not good at these stuff.

I don’t claim the informations below are the bicycle maintenance tips, but every bike rider should know these.

What can you do by yourself?

First of all, you should have a habit to listen to your bike constantly. Particularly it’s crankset (with chain) has a typical sound. If you don’t have enough experience it can be take time to learn the sound. Then if you realize a different sound you should control it.


Lubricating bike chain

You can lubricate your bicycle chain by yourself but be careful, you have to learn how to do it, it can be harder than it looks. You will learn how much lubricant it will need in time. Don’t apply too much.

Inflating the tire

Inflating the tire
Inflating the tire

Tires are very important. If they have not enough air in it things can go wrong. Flat tires can blow-out because of a stone or something like that. You can check your tires regularly and inflate it with a simple bicycle pump if you need.

When you lost your tire you’ll need to change it, but if you don’t have an experience with it just bring it to a professional.

Check your brakes

Checking bicycle brakes
Checking bicycle brakes

Brakes let you down if they are not good enough. Actually it gets you out of the road and if you can’t stop there will be bad accidents. It’s so dangerous as you know. So, you should check the brakes regularly and you can also check your brake pads even though you don’t need to do it in short-range.

Get a professional help

Professional bicycle mechanic
Professional bicycle mechanic

You can check your bike’s needs by yourself but if you don’t have enough experience, you shouldn’t do the things except lubricating and pumping the air. Because in some cases your crankset, brakes or chains etc. need to tear down.

Actually you just need to know your bike in detail. Learning the sounds or some typical movements can help you to understand the problem many times. In such case bring it to a professional without hesitation.

So, take care of your bike. Because first of all you paid for it a lot of money. In case you do not care your bicycle, it means you’ll pay much more money to repair it. It’s suggested that to bring it to a bicycle mechanic to make the care once every six months.

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