As some of you know that I’m making a challenge to ride my bike everyday. I’m cycling at least 5 miles and trying to pass over the limit day by day. Today when I’m reading some tweets I realized that there is a hashtag called #30DaysOfBiking which is the part of a website with the same name.

The 30 Days Of Biking is teaming up in 2017 with World Bicycle Relief which was founded in 2005. The organization focuses on healthcare programs. The WBR organization also has a fundraising page which accepts donations to reach to the goal of $10,000 to mobilize students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs in rural Africa. You can support them via donating.

Cycle for 30 Days in April

With 30 days of biking program you should ride your bike everyday in April (even you missed some days) and share your cycling adventure from social platforms via their #30DaysOfBiking hashtag. There had been also 2016 event about 30 Days of Cycling. There is no distance limit for cycling everyday.

Buying their t-shirt, bags and spoke cards could be nice to use. Fortunately I realize this organization during my challenge days. Now, I’m sharing my adventure with them, too. I’m sorry why I didn’t know it before.

You can register via their page here.

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