Challenge: Day: #25

Challenge: Day #25

8,49 miles

It was the first day of the 4th week. As I told you in the weekl report I’m gonna try to do over 8 miles this week. The temperature is rising this week according to the weather reports. It seems a nice week is waiting over there. Today I did 8,49 miles. If I can mantain today’s performance it will be fantastic an the end of the week.

Weekly report: Week #03

The 3rd week of the challenge has finished and I’m happy that I could do much more distance every week. This week I specified 7 miles distance in my mind. I tried to do at least 7 miles everyday. Shortly, this week was better even though the weather was mostly cloudy, rainy, windy and cold. So, the 3rd weekly report is below.

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Challenge: Day #09

Challenge: Day #09

6,52 miles

[su_highlight background=”#fff099″]The weather was a little bit cool today and the wind was faster. It became difficult to pedal at time. Fortunately I wore my swearshirt. I made 6,52 even though the weather was not proper. Tomorrow will be the last day of the first 10 days and I’m review these 10 days.¬†[/su_highlight]

Challenge: Day #08

Challenge: Day #08

5,87 miles

[su_highlight background=”#fff099″]Today the weather was hot at midday. I started to cycle anda thought it will be a bit difficult because of the hot weather, but then it became covering ¬†with the clouds. It was about to rain. I didn’t understand, but the weather changed. Anyway, before raining I’ve finished the part of challenge today. I made 5,87 miles.[/su_highlight]