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Photo on the bike: Freedom!

Hand Sculpture

This sculpture is a hand with the pigeons inside it. Everytime I look at it I feel freedom deep inside me. I like it so much.

It is in Kuşadası (in Turkey) which is a nice place to see.

Photo on the bike: Peace


Peace is utterly different. We all search for it everywhere and everytime in our life. Sea gives most of us the peace what we want. I was at peace while cycling near the sea side and watching this beautiful island. The island called Güvercinada. It means Pigeon Island. There is a castle in it which was built in 18th century.

And the boats are waiting  for the boat trip lovers.

Photo on the bike: Cat

Abandoned car and maybe abandoned cat inside it. He was sleeping before I went there. Unfortunately he woke up when I was shooting him. Then he looked at me dazedly. I hope he could sleep again when I left there.

Photo on the bike: Goat

I saw this cute goat near the road inside the field. He was eating some vegetable for the meal. When he saw me he just lifted his head and looked at me astonishedly. Then I could take the photo of him luckily.

I wanted to spend a bit more time with him but then I decided to not disturb him.

Photo on the bike: Sea Air

Firstly, a railway then a road and lastly at the farthest end a bridge compose this photo. These structures adjacent to the sea and there is a stream under them which consists of mostly waste water. The polluted water combines with the sea and the ships in the harbour contributes to pollute the sea.

Then we feel healthy and better so that we get the amazing sea air!

Photo on the Bike #02


Tall buildings surround us day by day. I think every new building are constructed taller than the others. I don’t know how it will end. We’ll see, but it will apparently will not be “a happy end”.

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