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We should get our children adopt cycling habit

How to make cycling your habit? We, of course can get into the habit of something in time, but over the years it becomes difficult to do it. For instance I wanted to get cycling habit so that I made a challenge for cycling 5 miles a day. I thought that if I can push myself as possible as I can, it can be easier to have cycling habit. I’m 37 and not have as much energy as I was in 20s. Nevertheless I feel it’ll be possible. Although it will take time, I can make a cycling habit.

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If you want to do something special just follow this teacher’s lead

Sometimes I’m asking to myself  “What did I do for the world up to now?”. I don’t know whether we should do something or not. It depends on personality, I respect, but I feel that I should do something beneficial. Maybe I did several small favours for many people but I mostly thinking to do something special.

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