Weekly report: Week #02

I’m happy to finish the 2nd week of my challenge. This weeks performance was slightly better in my opinion because it’s getting easier to pedal. Nevertheless, sometimes I didn’t want to go out to cycle and I pushed myself again. The weather was hotter in comparison with last week. The hot days were also more difficult than the others.

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Can you give a promise for 30 days of biking?

30 Days of Biking

As some of you know that I’m making a challenge to ride my bike everyday. I’m cycling at least 5 miles and trying to pass over the limit day by day. Today when I’m reading some tweets I realized that there is a hashtag called #30DaysOfBiking which is the part of a website with the same name.

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Challenge: Day #15

Challenge: Day #15

6,09 miles

I’ve decided to finish this challenge on 30th day, but I haven’t decided to continue after 30th day, yet. I want to see one month activity first then I can go on. At least it will be the first part of the challenge. So, today it’s the first day of the 3rd weekend. It was a nice day and I did 6,09 miles. I use 5 miles just as a lower limit.

Challenge: Day #12

Challenge: Day #12

5,17 miles

I had a short time today for cycling because of my works and so I couldn’t pass over 6 miles like yesterday. But I’ve still reached the 5 miles goal. We should have work with one of my friend I hadn’t enough time to ride, but I went there with my bike and on the way home I used the longest way to cycle 5 miles and So I could make 5,17 miles.

Challenge: Day #11

Challenge:Day #11

8,43 miles

The second week of my challenge started today and I thought that I can push myself to cycle more miles. Last 10 days I passed over 6 miles several times so I thought that it would be easy if I specify the lower limit as 6 miles in my mind. So, I made 8,43 miles today. Even the weather was windy I passed over 8 miles and it was fantastic! I hope this performance will continue as from tomorrow.

Weekly report: Week #01

10 days ago I’ve started a 5 miles a day challenge. Accordingly, I decided to try cycling at least 5 miles a day. I don’t know how long this is gonna be, I didn’t decide, yet. But as long as I do I want to review my challenge as a weekly report.

This was the first week of this activity, -actually it is not week, it took 10 day-  I waited for the end of the 10th day because I’ve started on Thursday and I combined the first three days with the week. Next week will be the seven days.

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