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Photo on the bike: Freedom!

Hand Sculpture

This sculpture is a hand with the pigeons inside it. Everytime I look at it I feel freedom deep inside me. I like it so much.

It is in Kuşadası (in Turkey) which is a nice place to see.

I bought a bike lock finally for my bike’s security

I don’t know how much you care you bicycle, but I do much. It is not just because of the money that I gave to it. I liked it too much and I don’t want to lose it for nothing. I’m not professional. I started to bike last year regularly. I attached to my bike, though. Most cyclist can understand me about connecting with your bicycle.

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Challenge: Day #15

6,09 miles

I’ve decided to finish this challenge on 30th day, but I haven’t decided to continue after 30th day, yet. I want to see one month activity first then I can go on. At least it will be the first part of the challenge. So, today it’s the first day of the 3rd weekend. It was a nice day and I did 6,09 miles. I use 5 miles just as a lower limit.

How I decided to buy a folding bike?

Last year, I’ve decided to buy a bicycle. My workplace wasn’t far away from my house, but I was going there by my car everyday. As I always mention the traffic jam became worse day by day in my country. Even in the short distances you can be waiting very long time. So, started to think about bicycle commuting.

As a part of my job, sometimes I need my car. I thought that bicycle commuting can be my choice even if I can’t make it every single day. Both not giving money for fuel and not driving in an awful traffic could be a good idea some days. But I was missing something: I didn’t have bicycle for years.

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Challenge: Day #12

5,17 miles

I had a short time today for cycling because of my works and so I couldn’t pass over 6 miles like yesterday. But I’ve still reached the 5 miles goal. We should have work with one of my friend I hadn’t enough time to ride, but I went there with my bike and on the way home I used the longest way to cycle 5 miles and So I could make 5,17 miles.

Is it possible to increase the number of female cyclers?

We all know that female cyclers are less than males in number. According to some datas women pedals one third as much as men do for the U.S. In European countries it’s a bit more, like %49 in Germany and %55 in Netherlands. Beside these exceptions women could be averse to do it. It’s an option. But there must be reasons why they don’t want to cycle as much as men do

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If you want to do something special just follow this teacher’s lead

Sometimes I’m asking to myself  “What did I do for the world up to now?”. I don’t know whether we should do something or not. It depends on personality, I respect, but I feel that I should do something beneficial. Maybe I did several small favours for many people but I mostly thinking to do something special.

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The story of my first bicycle

I remember when I had my first bicycle. It was in 1989 when I’m 9 years old. I wasn’t able to ride a bicycle yet. But I was eager to learn it. Because there were many kids to have bicycles and they can ride on. My father was the only person who works in our family and the days could be tough sometimes related to money. So, buying a bicycle to me was a little bit difficult.

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Challenge: Day #02

5,73 miles

Today, the weather was a tiny bit windy but it still became hard to pedal. I should make an extra effort in such weather. Even so, I could reached the 5 miles goal.

I’ve cycled 5,73 miles that’s very enough for me at the beginning of this challenge.


Some notable news in the world of biking

I wanna write here some notable ews about the world of cycling as far as possible. under the category of notable news. I’m not a professional about it but I thought it would be nice to write here when I’m learning and developing myself.

So, the first news is about a bicycle which is just 11 pounds (5 kg). Yes you didn’t hear wrong! It’s just 11 pounds it’s made from carbon fibre with 95% ratio. That’s why it is such light. Beside the simplicity (in appearence) there are some significant specifications like shock absorption which pushes your ride comfort to the top of maximization.

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