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Bicycle maintenance: Vitally important for durable bikes

Once you have it you’ll be responsible with your bicycle’s care. You should make it regularly beside protecting it against many negative effects. When you’re making bike maintenance you can make some works by yourself but you should leave complex things to your bicycle mechanic if you are not good at these stuff. I don’t claim the informations below are the bicycle maintenance tips, but every bike rider should know these.

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It’s easy to lose weight by cycling a few miles a day

As many of you know that obesity is one of the most popular problem in our era. Both malnutrition and unhealthy living conditions can cause obesity.  A big part of the world particularly developed countries struggle with this problem. USA is one of these countries, which suffers from this issue. According to statistics adult obesity rates exceed above 20% in all states in the United States. Once you became obese it becomes difficult to lose weight.

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Using folding bike in daily life can make your life easier

Last year I’ve decided to buy a bicycle to go to my work by it so that I was bored to put up with traffic. It is super comfortable to go elsewhere with the car, I know, but in a traffic jam it can be terrible mostly even if you’re using the public transportation. I thought that if I have a bicycle I can make bicycle commuting. However I had a problem; My apartment is on the 4th floor and on top of that its stairs are prominently narrow. Our lift is also too small to carry a bicycle. So, it would be hard to carry the bike twice a day in this apartment somehow. Then I started to think about folding bike. It is cute, portable, in small size…, but what about performance?

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8 benefits of cycling that will make your life better

There are many things in our daily life to make us feel better but most of it difficult to do due to the city rush. I guess cycling possibly be one of the most beneficial activities to do easily. It is easy to have and fun to ride. I’ve listed the 8 benefits of cycling below;

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Liking the Biking

When I was a child I loved biking like many of you but I left it over years. I don’t know why. Yes, I was riding the bike sometimes but it was not a regular action same as before. I grew up and moved to the big city which was growing up with me. So it became difficult to ride a bicycle with each passing day. Luckily the city I live tries to support (whether it’s not enough..just tries..) people who love to bike. So I should have taken the action.

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