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Would you like to travel around the world by cycling?

Last week I subscribed to the mail list of and today I saw a email in my inbox from biketours says about the quiz which defines your travel style. I don’t know whether you saw this before or not. I didn’t. I made the quiz and the result was that I’m the explorer.

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Challenge: Day #04

Challenge: Day #04

10,63 miles

Yesterday I couldn’t make the goal for some reason, so I cycled about 10 miles today for compensating yesterdays lost. It was more difficult cause it took much time and much distance apparently. But it was not boring so that I discovered new streets I didn’t see before. I moved away much more to make it more colorful. It was tiring but I’m getting used to it and it becomes easier day by day.


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The song list that will make you on fire while you’re cycling

I’m learning day by day how to ride for a challenge and what should I do next time. When I was cycling since I’ve started my 5 miles a day challenge, I wasn’t listening music, I was just focusing to ride on. I don’t know why, I think I believed that if I focus to cycle I can success it better, but of course it’s a bullshit. Yes I have a goal but I have to enjoy it also.

Today I made the distance more than the other days and before I went outside with my bicycle I got my earphones for listening music. Thanks to music it was not boring to get about 10 miles. So, I decided to make a song list for cycling. I’m not going to cycle without music from now on.

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Mobile apps that I use to motivate myself

Recently I’m trying to regulate my cycling routine. Accordingly, I’ve started a challenge by myself. I thought that if I can add some other daily routine alongside cycling, it would be an extra motivation to me. So, I’m also doing sit-up, push-up, walking and running. While I’m doing my daily routines I’m following my development via a couple of apps.

There is a kind of person in the life who lives regularly, you know that person, erhh, I’m not him/her! I need a dose of motivation to move, actually If I had, I can lose my motivation easily. Therefore, I decided to use mobile apps because they push me to do these excercises. I like it so that it’s fun and following the changes lifts you up.

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Some notable news in the world of biking

I wanna write here some notable ews about the world of cycling as far as possible. under the category of notable news. I’m not a professional about it but I thought it would be nice to write here when I’m learning and developing myself.

So, the first news is about a bicycle which is just 11 pounds (5 kg). Yes you didn’t hear wrong! It’s just 11 pounds it’s made from carbon fibre with 95% ratio. That’s why it is such light. Beside the simplicity (in appearence) there are some significant specifications like shock absorption which pushes your ride comfort to the top of maximization.

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Challenge: Day #01

Challenge: Day #01

5,93 miles

This is the first day of my “5 miles a day challenge”. I’ve cycled above 5 miles, so I accomplished the goal for today but there are many days ahead.

As the first day, it was a little bit exhausting cause the weather was a little bit warm. I didn’t choose any special route, just cycled around my house. I’m gonna try to discover new places also to make the activity more fun.

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I’m ready to make a bike challenge

I’m mostly riding on my bike for commuting, but I’ve decided to make this activity much more fun.

Even though bicycle commuting is very enjoyable it becomes a routine day by day. Because when you’re riding your bike while on the road to your work for instance, you can also compete with traffic if you live in a crowded city. So, after a couple of weeks you lose your pleasure of biking. I mean your awareness about biking becomes less in time. I want to be aware of biking when I’m riding on it. I like it.

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Glossary: Crankset

Glossary: [su_button url=”” style=”flat” background=”#ef3d2d”]Crankset[/su_button]

[su_highlight background=”#fff099″]The crankset (in the US) or chainset (in the UK), is the component of a bicycle drivetrain that converts the reciprocating motion of the rider’s legs into rotational motion used to drive the chain or belt, which in turn drives the rear wheel.[/su_highlight][su_custom_gallery source=”media: 167,168,169,170,173″ link=”lightbox”]

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