Some notable news in the world of biking


I wanna write here some notable ews about the world of cycling as far as possible. under the category of notable news. I’m not a professional about it but I thought it would be nice to write here when I’m learning and developing myself.

So, the first news is about a bicycle which is just 11 pounds (5 kg). Yes you didn’t hear wrong! It’s just 11 pounds it’s made from carbon fibre with 95% ratio. That’s why it is such light. Beside the simplicity (in appearence) there are some significant specifications like shock absorption which pushes your ride comfort to the top of maximization.

We have a little problem for the price

I know you’re very curious about the price of this amazing bike; it’s $39,000! Yepp, you didn’t hear wrong, again. It’s because of lightness, carbon fiber construction and some noteworthy specifications, but that fancy price is because Bugatti and PG made it. If you look for a “Bugatti comfort” in a bike, you can buy this affordable product!

Making shock absorbtion to the one step further

Speaking of comfort; the bike seat is one of the most important issue for a riding pleasure as we all know. A company called Rinsten has made an innovative solution as a Kickstarter Project. It’s called Rinsten Spring which installs the shock absorber under the seat. It’s made of solid steel and aluminum providing high quality.

Different ages and body types tested according to them and it seems to make a new approach to the shock absorbers for the bikes. You can watch details in the video below.

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