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Izmir won the European Cycling Challenge 2017

I’ve mentioned before about cycling challenge among European countries. I’ve also participated that challenge with my bike via Naviki app.

When I realized that challenge my city İzmir was the second city in the leaderboard and it was trying to win the challenge. And happy ending! We won the European challenge as a city. The challenge was between 1-31st May and finally ended 4 days ago.

european cycling challenge

After a compelling challenge İzmir did 855,002.1 km in total. (some of was done by me :)). Another succesful city was Gdansk from Poland with 831,496.7 km in total. All participants have done 4,650,554 km in total. It was huge amount of miles.

Personally I thank the people who organized this challenge. It was a nice organization to make cycling more popular and it was also enjoyable.




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