Challenge: Day #29

Challenge: Day #29

7,13 miles

Today I couldn’t cycle over 8 miles. I was feeling very tired for a reason I don’t know. On top of that it was a hot day here. I did 7,13 miles today and I could even do it with great difficulty. This was the worst performance of this week up to now.





  1. At less than 10 mph, I can’t imagine it would be mecessary, but you never know… you just might need a day off. ?

    • Tomorrow it will be one month and I’m gonna finish the “challenge”. Then I can get a day off. But will keep going to cycle. It’s not gonna be any limit.

  2. THere are just some days on the bike, that are better than others. That’s normal. You are a biker. πŸ™‚

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