Photo on the bike: Cows in the field

Riding on your bicycle provides you to explore new places and new colours. You can say that you’re already explore new places by walking. Yes, but when you’re on the bike you’ll probably explore more places in less time. Because you’re fast! ūüôā

I saw these cute cows while cycling inside Urla which is a calm and small town near ńįzmir in Turkey. Normally here is a coastal area but inside the town there are many farms like this and there are many people live with farming.

Photo on the bike: Fishing Boats

Boats on the lake

Fishermen¬†left their boats on the lake until the next fishing. They’re lonely boats now. They look like tired. Tired from fishing for many¬†years.

There’s a nice green house upper left. It’s maybe a fisherman’s house. He¬†wants to keep his fishing boat in front of his house. Because it’s necessary for living.

Photo on the bike: Peace


Peace is utterly different. We all search for it everywhere and everytime in our life. Sea gives¬†most of us¬†the peace what we want. I was at peace while cycling near the sea side and watching this beautiful¬†island.¬†The¬†island called G√ľvercinada. It means Pigeon Island. There is a castle in it which was built in 18th century.

And the boats are waiting  for the boat trip lovers.

Photo on the bike: Sea Air

Firstly, a railway then a road and lastly at the farthest end a bridge compose this photo. These structures adjacent to the sea and there is a stream under them which consists of mostly waste water. The polluted water combines with the sea and the ships in the harbour contributes to pollute the sea.

Then we feel healthy and better so that we get the amazing sea air!

Photo on the bike: Pigeons

birds on a wire

These are the pigeons.. These are the pigeons on the wire. When I was cycling under the rain twitchily they were bathing on the wire. They were content with the situation.

There were less people around in consequence of the rainy weather. Maybe these pigeons were feeling more comfortable with the absence of people. Some of them were feeding on the ground. After finishing the lunch they were flying to settle on the wire for bathing.

Photo on the Bike #01

I’m trying to make my biking experience more colorful. I like photography and I thought that I can take some photos while biking and share them here.

I’ll share these photos under the¬†category of photo on the bike.