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Luka Pibernik thought that he won the race but he was wrong

An iteresting incident happened in Giro D’Italia. Young cyclists Luka Pibernik (23) celebrated his victory believing he’s finished the race but he didn’t.

It was the 2nd time of Luka Pibernik in the this Grand Tour Race and I guess he was excited more than enough. When he thought that he has finished the lap, there was one more lap more. The other cyclists passed him naturally and go on the race for 6 kilometers more. When he realized that the race hasn’t finished yet, it was too late.

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I’m cycling for my city in the European Cycling Challenge 2017

Even I’m interested in cycling I didn’t hear before that my city is the part of European Cycling Challenge 2017 this year. Ironic.

I live in İzmir which is one of the most beautiful and (wants to) bike lover city in Turkey. City government tries to do something nice about cycling day by day. Like bike ways (even they’re short, but important anyway), rental points and being in the events about cycling etc. Accordingly, city has taken the part in the European Cycling Challenge.

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Can you give a promise for 30 days of biking?

As some of you know that I’m making a challenge to ride my bike everyday. I’m cycling at least 5 miles and trying to pass over the limit day by day. Today when I’m reading some tweets I realized that there is a hashtag called #30DaysOfBiking which is the part of a website with the same name.

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