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How I decided to buy a folding bike?

Last year, I’ve decided to buy a bicycle. My workplace wasn’t far away from my house, but I was going there by my car everyday. As I always mention the traffic jam became worse day by day in my country. Even in the short distances you can be waiting very long time. So, started to think about bicycle commuting.

As a part of my job, sometimes I need my car. I thought that bicycle commuting can be my choice even if I can’t make it every single day. Both not giving money for fuel and not driving in an awful traffic could be a good idea some days. But I was missing something: I didn’t have bicycle for years.

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Bike ways can be the most important issue for the cyclists

When you live in a city, particularly in the big one, you’re confronted by a lot of problems. No wonder, there are advantages of living in the cities, but because our ancestries didn’t live in a city, we always look for natural and wide areas instinctively. We need to feel more free in safe places and if you’re a cyclist you always need safe bike ways to cycle mind at peace.

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10 reasons of why I like cycling so much

Like most of you, I mean most you who has a bicycle and ride their bikes, I like cycling so much. Particularly after atrting to write here I’m trying to cycle on daily basis and love it more everyday. So, I wanted to share you why I like cycling below;

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We should get our children adopt cycling habit

How to make cycling your habit? We, of course can get into the habit of something in time, but over the years it becomes difficult to do it. For instance I wanted to get cycling habit so that I made a challenge for cycling 5 miles a day. I thought that if I can push myself as possible as I can, it can be easier to have cycling habit. I’m 37 and not have as much energy as I was in 20s. Nevertheless I feel it’ll be possible. Although it will take time, I can make a cycling habit.

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Is it possible to increase the number of female cyclers?

We all know that female cyclers are less than males in number. According to some datas women pedals one third as much as men do for the U.S. In European countries it’s a bit more, like %49 in Germany and %55 in Netherlands. Beside these exceptions women could be averse to do it. It’s an option. But there must be reasons why they don’t want to cycle as much as men do

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The story of my first bicycle

I remember when I had my first bicycle. It was in 1989 when I’m 9 years old. I wasn’t able to ride a bicycle yet. But I was eager to learn it. Because there were many kids to have bicycles and they can ride on. My father was the only person who works in our family and the days could be tough sometimes related to money. So, buying a bicycle to me was a little bit difficult.

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Would you like to travel around the world by cycling?

Last week I subscribed to the mail list of and today I saw a email in my inbox from biketours says about the quiz which defines your travel style. I don’t know whether you saw this before or not. I didn’t. I made the quiz and the result was that I’m the explorer.

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The song list that will make you on fire while you’re cycling

I’m learning day by day how to ride for a challenge and what should I do next time. When I was cycling since I’ve started my 5 miles a day challenge, I wasn’t listening music, I was just focusing to ride on. I don’t know why, I think I believed that if I focus to cycle I can success it better, but of course it’s a bullshit. Yes I have a goal but I have to enjoy it also.

Today I made the distance more than the other days and before I went outside with my bicycle I got my earphones for listening music. Thanks to music it was not boring to get about 10 miles. So, I decided to make a song list for cycling. I’m not going to cycle without music from now on.

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I’m ready to make a bike challenge

I’m mostly riding on my bike for commuting, but I’ve decided to make this activity much more fun.

Even though bicycle commuting is very enjoyable it becomes a routine day by day. Because when you’re riding your bike while on the road to your work for instance, you can also compete with traffic if you live in a crowded city. So, after a couple of weeks you lose your pleasure of biking. I mean your awareness about biking becomes less in time. I want to be aware of biking when I’m riding on it. I like it.

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Bicycle maintenance: Vitally important for durable bikes

Once you have it you’ll be responsible with your bicycle’s care. You should make it regularly beside protecting it against many negative effects. When you’re making bike maintenance you can make some works by yourself but you should leave complex things to your bicycle mechanic if you are not good at these stuff. I don’t claim the informations below are the bicycle maintenance tips, but every bike rider should know these.

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