10 reasons of why I like cycling so much


Like most of you, I mean most you who has a bicycle and ride their bikes, I like cycling so much. Particularly after atrting to write here I’m trying to cycle on daily basis and love it more everyday. So, I wanted to share you why I like cycling below;

1. It makes me feel good.

The reasons mentioned  below are probably the reasons of feeling good. Because they are positive things and positiveness make you feel good and smile.

2. Provides clear thinking

When I was cycling every time I realized that I can think about anything clearly. Walking is just the job for thinking clearly and cycling is just like it about thinking.

3. Healthy

You can get a healthy life by cycling because it is proven that cycling makes you healthy. Additionally, if you can support your cycling activity with the exercises like sit-ups, push-ups etc. there will no need to be go to the gym. You’ll see.

4. Funny

Cycling is a funny activity that which you can have whenever you want. In my experience, when I felt down, cyclişng made me felt reborn. My smiling face came back at every turn.

5. Not suffering from traffic jam

Cars look nice and I know it’s prodigiously enjoyable to drive. But there’s a truth called traffic jam!. When you’re cycling you’re forgetting it. You should just be careful not to have an accident and then the road is always open for you. If it’s not, you can choose you own way. Side streets, sidewalks (if there is no bike way) etc.

6. It’s faster than walking

If you don’t have to be hurry you should walk to somewhere, but If you need speed cycling is the better way than walking. It will bring you faster wherever you go than walking.

7. Discovering new places

Particularly after my everyday challenge I realized that I was discovering many new places even in my neighbourhood. Becaues when I was walking somewhere I wasn’t changing my route mostly and I was going to my house or somewhere on the same route always. Cycling changed this and gave me to discover new places idea.

8. It’s sociable

When I’m cycling I met new people around. At least we’re greeting each other with many people. Because they are riding their bikes, too. Two people doing the same activity while many people don’t do it. You’re on the same way!

9. Cool

Cycling is cool. Especially if your bike is a foldable one like mine, people looks at you after looking at your bike with a little smile at their face. If you have a bike like cyclocross they already can’t take their eyes off your bicycle.

10. It’s free

Most importantly it’s free to cycle. I know bicycles are not free but I mean you won’t pay anything to cycle. If you drive your car somewhere or simply to your work, you’re gonna pay for fuel, but choosing bicycle commuting doesn’t take your money.

Why dou you like cycling? What is you reasons?



April 11, 2017

I used to cycle a lot but then moved to where I live now and through circumstances have not riden for a long time…one reason is I don’t feel safe on the streets around here, the cycleways are narrow and the traffic is heavy…but good for you, I did relate to all the reasons you listed…



April 11, 2017

You’re right, but if we give up cycling, traffic will become heavier day by day. Riders should be increase in number on the roads. I hope you can ride your bike one day again. 🙂

Thanks for the comment.


Tails Around the Ranch

April 13, 2017

Thanks so much for swinging by the Ranch and for the follow. We ❤︎ visitors.



April 13, 2017

You’re welcome 🙂


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