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Liking the Biking

When I was a child I loved biking like many of you but I left it over years. I don’t know why. Yes, I was riding the bike sometimes but it was not a regular action same as before. I grew up and moved to the big city which was growing up with me. So it became difficult to ride a bicycle with each passing day. Luckily the city I live tries to support (whether it’s not enough..just tries..) people who love to bike. So I should have taken the action.

Last year I’ve decided to buy a bicycle and I did. I wanted to go around with my bicycle everyday and even to the work. So I used to ride it with passion again but it’s different in comparison with my childhood. Because if the country you’re biking in it is not suitable for this kind of activities (like bike ways, including the biking in traffic rules etc.), it’s gonna be painful for you to do it. The people live in these cities also should be understanding and kind, otherwise you’re screwed!

Buy a bicycle as soon as possible

Even though it’s difficult occasionally, I love biking. I know many people loves it but they can’t make it real. I want to say: Just buy one! Don’t care about the specifications. Just do it. I couldn’t decide to buy it through long times because of the negative thoughts like “if I buy it can I ride it regularly? etc.” But I’m very happy because I bought it. It’s one of the most enjoyable activity in this complex world. Maybe it will not be the same as in your childhood but the world is changing, we should adapt biking to the flow of life. We should make time and place for biking.

So, I’m gonna write my biking journey here and share it with you. This blog will include many thing about bicycle. I have long way to learn new things about it. If you have any questions or any contribution, please tell me.


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