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7 tips for cycling in the hot summer days

hot summer cycling

Long and hot summer days are coming in many regions and for cycling ethusiasts a hot day could make them feel awful. Particularly in long distance rides, you should be more careful and take some precautions for summer cycling.

1. Take precaution for dehydration

It’s probably the most important issue to be dehydrated. You should drink enough water while cycling. But drinking much water could not make you feel good. It is better to drink often but little at every turn. You could also drink any other liquid if you desire but water is always better.

2.  Do not forget to eat something.

After having good breakfast with enough carbohydrates and proteins it could be better to have some snacks with you. You’ll already have enough water and will drink it. Carbohydrate rich snacks will help especially to long distance cyclists.

3. Choose the right clothes

If you are cycle enthusiast and regular cyclist you have probably cycling clothes and some them are appropriate clothes for the summer cycling. Actually if you will cycle in the very hot day you should already buy appropriate cycling clothes. If you don’t have one you can choose the light clothes and these clothes should be made from natural raw material. Dacrons could make it difficult to breathe.

4. Protect yourself from the  sun

Especially for those who will cycle for many hours should be careful against direct sunlight. After wearing right clothes, you may use sun cream for the open part of your body. Protecting your skin is important against the possibility of skin cancer.

5. Wear sunglasses against sunlight

A quality sunglasses are important for the ride because harmful sun rays could damage your eyes in prolonged exposure. UV rays one of the most harmful rays and could cause undesirable results to your eyes. The sunglasses you choose should be reliable about preventing the harmful sun rays.

6. Choose the right bike helmet

You’ll already wear your helmet while cycling, but if you don’t choose the right one it could be torture. So it could be better to buy helmets with the cooling ventilation feature. It will protect you head from the sunlight beside protecting against any impact.

6. Do not cycle under the direct sunlight

Your cycling hours are one of the most important thing about your activity because you should even not go out under the direct sunlight. But if you have to go out for cycling, I mean if it is mandatory for you it could be better to choose early morning hours or late afternoon if it is possible.

7. Take care of your health

I don’t know there is a need to say but having health issues are very important for sports activities. Cycling is an activity in which you should make an effort and in a hot summer day it will possible to make it worse if you have some health issues especially like blood pressure. I’m sorry but your age is very important and if you are over 65 years old you should be more careful while cycling in the hot summer days.



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